Thank you for joining us!

Thank you for joining us! God commissioned us to create a channel to connect our community online, all over the world! The Holy Spirit is moving, stirring inside His people, creating a new thirst to dive into the living Word of God and develop intimate relationships with Jesus. His Glory is being poured out, transmitting through the live stream videos to the point that our eTribe viewers feel His presence just like they were in the room worshipping with us in Jasper, AL.  We have been called to share this experience with as many of God’s people that we can to cultivate revival in each of your communities!

eTribe Life Group 

eTribe meets every week on Tuesday nights at 6pm CST via Zoom. This is a group where people can come and connect with Wayne and Jennifer Lee along with our eTribe leaders. We recognize that community and interaction for our online tribe is vital! This is that place for you to really feel connected to Worship Life Jasper.