Worship Life Jasper
Sundays are a great day for the whole family to come. We have a time of ministry every Sunday at 10am where we worship, pray, and dive into the Word together.

Food Pantry

Lisa Taylor
Our Food Pantry hosts a "Grocery Giveaway" the first Tuesday night of every month. We serve our community once a month by packing up sacks of groceries to give out to anyone that comes to our event. There is no information required when picking up groceries. If you are hungry, we have food for you.

Celebrate Life

Matt and Micheal-Anne Green
Celebrate Life meets every 2nd and 4th Sunday out of the month. If you are struggling with addiction, the Green's know exactly where you are and with the help of the Holy Spirit, help you walk through transformation.


Cora Vines
Our Singles Ministry is a place to feel connected and to find valuable friendships!


Megan Bolton and Tammy Guthrie
We love our children and being part of their lives as they grow!